A silent working day for me

To read, to write, think, to talk.

What I should do differently

To prepare for a new venture, I know that I have to do something differently this time.

Don’t expect a company to be a family, work professionally.

My weakness is emotion-control. I am like a tomato, if my inside is green my outside is green and if my inside is red my outside is red as well. I can’t hide my emotion and I don’t want to hide anything from any person, especially to the one in a conversation with me. So to not have anything to hide, it’s better to not generate any emotion in a workplace. I try to see them as objects with names and only focus on their properties then use my mind to calculate the best outcomes to consider to pick one to execute. I recall one lesson that I learned from HLE is that at first put the response into a black box to calm down any negative emotion and then reply with a functioned output. To apply into my case, my black box will remove all human-related of that person(biases, personal history issues, emotions) so that my mind only needs to see the facts and things as a pure math problem to solve it. So I will say it is my “work mode” in the workplace and I hope it will work in company meetings that I am very terrible in emotion control. Of course, in team-building time, I will be back to the normal mode to enjoy myself with people.

Don’t expect family to be a company, be thankful and accept any imperfection.

In a different context, when I am at home with my family, to be honest, it’s not an easy time. My mistake is I usually use my work mode with my family and it becomes a disaster. To think back, I think that to be a good son, a good husband, a good father in any way is good enough. It doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone to get the worst outcomes anyway.

That’s it. Good night. To be continued.

SSR, 28 November 2021.



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