Back for good

Happy to learn math again.

Simple beautiful charts

This month, I learn to do a full-stack data engineer with a goal in mind that is to develop and deploy a data science project. I break it down into smaller steps:

Create, restore a database then run it with Pycharm.
Redeploy: az acr build — registry HzDataAppRegistry — resource-group HzDataApp — image data-app .

So this month ends with a go-live project that I have learned a lot along the way. The great thing is now I can apply the data science knowledge that I studied before to the real project for the company. Next month I will start to study Deep Learning, which is the higher-level — intermediate, compared to Machine Learning — beginner. Excited to think about it. I am pretty sure that the feeling of doing Data Science, ML/DL will be as interesting as the feeling of doing maths that I enjoyed so much back then.

Once again, it’s cool to look at the little thing that was done :)

Houze HQ, 29 May 2020.



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