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August 2021 IMC Live Event — The John Maxwell Team

Listening to a big call in your life. The moment when you know it’s right. You feel a knowing which stays deep down inside you. You have to pay for your own journey, the dream is free but the journey ain’t cheap.

My favorite speaker at the event.

My takeaways

  • A leader is a problem solver.
  • A leader is an influencer.
  • A leader has a burning desire inside.
  • A leader is a marathon runner.
  • A leader starts with a why that will make him/her cry.
  • A leader functions on facts, not on feelings.
  • A leader listening patiently in a period of time.
  • A leader focuses intensity over time and multiplied by God to get an unstoppable momentum.
  • A leader is a person of significance. Success is the platform, not a destination.
  • A leader is a person of value who values people and adds value to them.
  • A leader grows daily.
  • A leader has an intentional living.
  • A leader equips other people.
  • A leader leads by example.
  • A leader believes in people.
  • A leader exceeds expectations.
  • A leader has a positive attitude.
  • A leader has a passion to make a difference.
  • A leader doesn't let “a No” beat you down. Keep moving forward.
  • A leader doesn’t wait for the door to open.
  • A leader is humble.
  • A leader becomes an unforgettable person to people.
  • A leader meets great people, asks great questions, reads great books, attempts to do great things, and finds great mentors.
  • A leader goes to where great people go.
  • A leader does what great people do.
  • A leader keeps sowing seed every day.
  • A leader lives out his great vision.
  • A leader wants to be surrounded by great people by developing great people.
  • A leader has a strong faith. Pray daily, intimate with God. Amen.

7 learning lunch questions

  1. What is the greatest thing you have ever learned in life?
  2. What are you learning now?
  3. How has failure shaped your life?
  4. Who do you know that I should know?
  5. What should I read?
  6. What have you done that I should do?
  7. How can I add value to you?

Thank you for 3 training days that impacted my life, especially in the current situation that I am struggling with. My job, my career, my finance, my future, my vision, my calling. I need time to reflect on all of these things that I am so busy thinking through. I am so far away from my Heavenly Father that I am drained and thirsty. I have to go back to the source of truth, source of strength, source of life. Be back as the lost son did.

SSR, 2 September 2021.



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